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Posted By:Kylliki

Old Comments:

2008-07-31 02:10:55
Thanks for the translation, fxr. If I spoke Russian, I would not have to ask.
2008-07-31 02:06:25
i guess poppy speaks Russian, but for you i'll explain: there's a lot of such silver forks and knives (as well as spoons of all sizes) in ex-soviet states, they are rather old, and i use them at home, so this picture evokes some nostalgic feelings, 'cuz i haven't been at home for a long time. that's it. just wanted to thank Kylliki. PS never use machine translation ;)
2008-07-30 23:29:51
You could try but it only comes back with "эх, at me I till now use such table silver. псб, этапять." The message below comes back as, "Yes ниче it does not mean, simply any feeling native arises, the house I for a long time was not." Gotta love a free translation! :D
2008-07-30 22:54:49
да ниче это не значит, просто какое-то чувство родное возникает, дома я давно не был.
2008-07-30 22:49:42
...which means what?
2008-07-30 22:46:55
эх, у меня я до сих пор таким столовым серебром пользуюсь. псб, этапять.