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Posted By:LB

Old Comments:

2010-07-12 23:22:58
Of the several ways to screw up a good photo or obscure the badness of a poor one HDR is the most sure-fire and dependable.
2010-07-12 23:10:41
Oh goodness, yes! It's a shame, becasue sometimes it can look good, but this fad for hideous, overdone, pointless, just plain *ugly* HDR pics sets my teeth on edge. Hopefully this technique will go out of fashion soon and we won't have to look at it so much.
2008-11-25 17:48:39
I check out this site for all the birds eating shit.
2008-11-25 14:25:34
I would like to see other "Catagories", But I don't know how to go about contacting pixadus. HDR, Photoshopped, Paintings/Drawings, Pictures from other suites, and, (Most important to me) ORIGANIAL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN BY THE POSTER. I agree "Re-Touching" Photos is an artform, But this suite is a great place to get known as a MASTER BEHIND THE LENSE. I would also like to see, maybe a filter, where it is MANDITORY to list "Photo Taken By:". ...But what is to keep people from "Lying"?
2008-10-11 03:09:26
it's nice when the troll stalks you isn't it poppy? makes you feel warm inside--the poor thing is reaching out for some human contact!
2008-10-09 17:33:53
For me it depends on if a pic is interesting and easy on the eye.
2008-10-09 15:51:47
I like all contributions of skilled artists, the unretouched pictures taken by skilled photographers as well as the extraordinary artistic effects achieved by skilled photoshoppers. This site allows both and handles it beautifully. I would be disappointed to see only one type of photographic art form here.
2008-10-09 15:03:36
Well, hello, troll, nice to know you're alive and well.
2008-10-09 14:33:05
this is my favorite place to visit-it is my cup of tea before bed-i dont like every pic but i just skim on by those-i admire those who put that much work into something and then share it with us, no matter how its made. as for me, you're all doing just fine and thank you
2008-10-09 12:36:19
2008-10-09 11:35:37
I agree, I am also sick of pictures of paintings, old photos and animals in zoos.
2008-10-09 09:12:32
Personally, a well done HDR should be based upon a good picture. If don't right the effect is amazing. Yes it is overused. But not terribly. and to be done right you actually have to take three identical pictures with different stops and then combine them correctly. It takes patience and skill to pull off well.
2008-10-09 07:20:53
HDR can be cool for some things, but I tend to agree that it is way overused. I was involved with the visual effects industry a bit right after "morphing" was the latest hotness (the company I worked for even featured such a package). Like all "cool" and trendy things, it became a victim of its own success and now you don't see much in the way of morphing any more. Such, I suspect, will be the fate of HDR 'shopped photos.