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Old Comments:

2008-05-09 22:04:58
OHHHHHHHH Horse boobs, now i get it, why didnt any one else tell me that!!!!!.
2008-05-09 13:21:59
Actually, this is an example of some guys that COMPLETELY missed the irony when someone told them they were 'hung like a horse.'
2008-05-09 10:31:45
Horse boobs!!
2008-05-09 07:34:30
Let me suggest that you guys who can't tell a tit from a dick be real careful what you suck on.
2008-05-09 06:38:27
OMG, this is becoming a surreal discussion.... :-)
2008-05-09 03:51:02
none of this discussion is explaining why the horse has 2 dicks?
2008-05-08 23:34:28
Mooo has obviously never seen a horse's dick..and this despite being, himself, a horse's ass..
2008-05-08 23:24:03
There are no dicks. Just Nipples.
2008-05-08 22:25:04
But what about the 2 dicks?!, is it a freak of nature, or some type of wonder cow?!.
2008-05-08 21:45:17
It's a mare (female horse) and those "dicks" are nipples.
2008-05-08 21:39:54
It's a mare (female horse) and those "dicks" are nipples.
2008-05-08 20:05:49
Hahaha this animal has 2 dicks lol!!!