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Old Comments:

2010-06-15 16:22:27
Skip, From somebody who has been there, albeit many years ago, you might want to think again about this. The hike is about ten miles on a very steep and narrow rock face trail. Temperatures are well over 100 degrees. The trip down is about 3 hours and the very strenuous return can be well over 6 hours. An alternative is by horseback, however this is very scary and expensive plus there are weight limitations. I would like to go back as it is a very special place, but I am way to old to make the hike now and am too heavy to ride one of the mules.
2010-06-15 10:49:25
Thanks for the answer Coy, it might be worth the hike for a view like that!
2010-06-15 09:46:56
Yes skip, Havasu falls is in a very remote area of the Grand Canyon. It is only accessible by foot (a very long and rough hike), or by helocopter.
2010-06-15 09:00:24
Beautiful picture Coy! Do you know the location?