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2010-12-09 04:16:55
Notice To All Users: Anyone who is dissatisfied with the number of votes accorded to any photo on this site, or the lack thereof, is encouraged to express their unhappiness or frustration in the following manner: Send a letter describing the source of your unhappiness or dissatisfaction to : Mr. Adolph Oliver Bush, Website Complaint Coordinator Box 69, Wistful Sighs, Nevada. Be sure to enclose a cashiers check or money order for $25 US to cover costs of handling and processing your complaint. Thank you Crystal Chanda Lear, Executive Assistant to the Vice President Website Complaint Department, Photo Distress Committee, The Patito International Foundation for Website User Satisfaction.
2010-12-09 02:52:22
Upvoted by patito's +20 cheating power!!!!!