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Old Comments:

2010-11-29 21:26:53
The power of this monumental piece of Fiona Banner lies not in the symbolic introduction of military imaginary inside a museum, but in the objects being two fighter jets that were actually flown by British soldiers in military campaigns, namely the Bosnia and Gulf wars. The successful strategy of Harrier and Jaguar –clearly refusing to patronise the viewer– results, unsurprisingly, in a serious questioning of the agency of political art. There are lots of well-meaning artists whose main concern is to embed political and social issues into the cultural discourse, raise awareness on the ugly truths we don’t want to be reminded of. But once inside the gallery many of these works loose effectiveness. The realities they are denouncing become removed, alienated, fictional, something you can take a souvenir picture of and then forget. And there is a currency in that, both for art world and the mass media, that it is something to be reckoned with.