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Posted By:salomon

Old Comments:

2009-03-29 10:25:20
Is your picture larger than mine? I see the one tool. A little grinder with a cutting wheel.
2009-03-29 08:30:48
I own five of the tools seen here. They are very important in my one man ,me, welding shop.
2009-03-25 03:53:32
LOL of the week! Thanks, A Bouts!
2009-03-23 03:06:53
Hard Job? He has a power tool. Let's see it done with some shears. Or even harder yet, he could tear it with his teeth. Well that's what my Dad would have told us when we were little. He used to say he had to carry a bucket of cold water with him when he did a lot of nailing. It was to keep his hammer from over heating.