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Old Comments:

2010-01-04 11:46:47
Thanks jujuba,I'll be looking for them. are you interested in doing a house race? I think fuzzy blue one and some others are, and we don't have to stick with cottages, we can do modern houses, igloo's tepee's whatever! :) or maybe someone has another idea for a race?
2010-01-04 11:40:19
IŽll post them as soon as IŽve got some collected dear ;-)
2010-01-04 02:05:35
Happy 2010 jujuba! I already wrote it on your dragonfly pic, but wanted to add a request here for more of your funny and inspiring animals with attitude pics, I enjoy those, and I think we can use them around here :)
2010-01-04 02:03:04
Happy New Year Lilly! I've missed you, as usaul, I hope your doing well, and feeling better, and this will be a great year for you and your family! and maybe you can post more often in 2010 :)
2010-01-03 16:14:16
Happy New Year Skip...'-)
2010-01-02 02:37:11
All the best to you in 2010 Skip! :-)
2010-01-02 02:35:32
ok Fuzzy blue one, somehow I knew you'd choose that one,:) I want the tall orange one, where's poppy with the refills? ;)
2010-01-02 02:27:48
Happy New Year Robot!
2010-01-02 00:55:29
That blue glass with the twisty purple wire on the stem is mine! Pour the bubbly!
2010-01-01 20:33:04
Happy New Year, Skip!
2010-01-01 10:50:22
Happy New Year Danis!!
2010-01-01 10:49:52
Good one poppy :) thanks for the refills, happy new year to you too!
2010-01-01 10:30:07
Happy New Year, Skip!!
2010-01-01 10:23:59
Hey, your glasses are empty! I posted a bottle of bubbly for you... Cheers and Happy New Year, Skip!