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Old Comments:

2009-01-03 12:00:29
I think he means the font I used on the greeting I posted; it is Papyrus. I used it because I LIKE IT astarrh ;-)
2009-01-03 08:32:58
What about Perpetua? You forgot her. She was a 3rd century Christian martyr, but how did she become a font?
2009-01-03 08:20:19
...I am buying a u for the first y. ;-) Good start for 2009, Poppy, shame on you!
2009-01-03 08:12:21
Fynny, since the Pixdaus font is not Papyrus.
2009-01-03 05:50:18
Aah, so you have read Noam Chomsky! A controversial fella. Did you read 'The Fateful Triangle'? Someone, who has also studied in that area, said that if you walk from Japan to England, by the time you were half-way to England, you would understand all the languages.
2009-01-02 21:28:09
Linguistics is perhaps the ultimate key to understanding the human Noam Chomsky observed, our thought grooves and our language grooves, if not one and the same,are inextricably entwined...when I was doing my last gig in graduate school all the linguistic students would bow five times a day in the direction of M.I.Tt...
2009-01-02 13:37:22
In my French/English dictionary, pule shows on the English portion only and it means piauler in French (to cheep, to pule, to whine). Pullet, shows on the English portion only and it means poulette in French - a young fowl/hen. I finally remembered the word 'pule'. I know it as said in annoyance or anger; for example 'maudite pule' - damm hen. The expression 'petit()e puce' (little flea) was said with affection and referred to a child. As for Cajun, I understand that it's a mix of French from the 1600s or so, English, Native Indian and Black. I took a course with a Linguist instructor - very interesting.
2009-01-02 10:52:25
The Candian Francophones were not as cut off from the mother country and her language the way the Acadians were..the Cajuns were isolated in the backwoods and swamps of Louisiana for a very long time, long enough for the dialect to evolve almost into another tongue..I imagine there are lots of words in common usage in Cajun Frnech that don't appear in dictionaries of standard modern French....I'd bet 'pule' is cognate with 'pullet' ..
2009-01-02 08:27:25
You've called me a fat hen before. Dems are fightin words patito;-) Maybe it should be ma petite moineau (my little sparrow) like Edith Piaf was called - both of us being short and slim. Also, there is no such word in my French dictionary for title and pule. Maybe you meant puce - flea;-)
2009-01-02 08:15:57
We can only hope Popolov. But, imagine if every person on earth would use his/her energy to concentrate on thinking positive about what is important in life, like peace; to try, even in a small way, to work towards those goals! That energy would make the earth's axis tweak the right way ;-) We have that capacity within ourselves, but sadly as a whole we lack the will. We are all guilty of being too negative in our thoughts, and that projects to what is happening - a vicious circle - the continual wheel of cause and effect... But, I see changes in people in the last few years. They are slowly becoming more spiritual (not more religious); they are questioning the old values, materialism, their own religious beliefs, protection of the environment... It's very slow, but I believe it will happen - perhaps not in my time, but that's ok too.
2009-01-02 06:53:46
What font do you want? Is Cabaret okay? Would Caroline be fine? Bradley Hand is in great demand. There's FG Elinor, which you've seen before. Track Pad's not bad. URW Abbey ain't too shabby. We could be usin' CFY Aunt Susan. And Helinda Book has an interesting look. Or Aristocrat, how d'ya like that? Of course Evita can't be beata. There's Santa Fe, what d'ya say? And many a fellow likes Carmela. Do you think Goudy is too gaudy? Well Notre Dame is about the same. But Albertina looks real keena, and Palatino looks real keeno. Look, man..there's always Bookman. And when you're done roamin' there's New Times Roman.
2009-01-02 05:26:11
Ugh, Papyrus. People, please stop using this font.
2009-01-02 01:33:07
A nice sentiment in normal times Connie. But alas, we are not living in normal times, and sadly, 2009 is not going to be peaceful. But perhaps to cherish the 'thought' of peace would be good to cultivate.
2009-01-01 22:18:25
Thanks a lot! Let's make together Pixdaus even better place in the the New Year! Pagi
2009-01-01 22:04:09
Yes Ma'm..that's Cajun..have often wondered myself just how different the various French dialects are...we used a fellow from Breaux Bridge as a translator when we visted French ports, and he could make himself understood, though not without some difficulty...but then I once interviewed a young Scotsman who was a university graduate and I could barely understand a word he said.. maybe some informed bi-lingual Frog Talker mean..French speaker will edify us on this matter..and "mon 'title pule grasse" is "my little fat hen"..a term of endearment in southern Louisiana...
2009-01-01 14:21:15
A happy new year to you and history will be the judge of Dubya (Bush). When the Muslim wars start, millions will die, because we love life and they love death.
2009-01-01 11:33:44
Tsk tsk Patito, your French needs improving. It's 'Bonne et heureuse nouvelle année'. Mon 'title pule grasse? What does that mean... is it Cajun? C'est tout, bonne nuit. ;-)
2009-01-01 11:25:16
Thanks have a good one too...
2009-01-01 11:18:12
Nouvelle annee heureuse, mon 'title pule grasse...bonjour mes amis..C'est tout..good night...