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Old Comments:

2010-01-02 04:04:47
Ne : kali mera, kali spera, kali nichta .... Kali Chronia ! I am well, Danis, and each day, I am enjoying with the pics you selected/have selected. Always good pics, with a particular light, with a touch of sensibility/feeling/poetry. Often I ask me how do you do to find so many good pictures each day, and sometimes twice a day. Thank you for the time you take daily to offer me - to offer us - these short moments of beauty, of charm and emotion. Good job, Danis ! Efkaristo poli !
2010-01-01 20:28:17
Happy New Year, Danis!
2010-01-01 20:18:53
Kali Chronia, libellule!! How are you?
2010-01-01 20:13:08
Thank you my friends, Happy New Year to all!
2010-01-01 20:01:53
Bonne année, Danis ! Happy new year ! Kala "?" ... How do you say it in Greek ?
2010-01-01 14:46:55
happy new year Danis
2010-01-01 10:59:18
Happy New Year 2010 from Christchurch, New Zealand, DANIS I've enjoyed your postings
2010-01-01 10:58:00
I like the bridge and the reflections, this pic would be good any time of year :)
2010-01-01 10:57:06
Happy New Year, Danis! Great pic!