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Old Comments:

2009-07-07 21:40:48
Beetles are important...remember what the great J.B.S.Haldane said when asked if his scientific studies had given him any insight into the Mind of God.."He seems" Haldane said "to have an inordinate fondness for beetles.. "
2009-07-07 15:08:44
Ah, so 'es British! Mad dogs and Englishmen, what? One of my best friends, a geologist and flier from Kent, has one of the UK's largest collections of... beetle dung! From all over the bloody world!
2009-07-06 10:12:26
Flagstone isn't an American...I've been reading his posts ( under one name or another )for a couple of years now and my guess is that he's European but has lived in Britain for a long time...he writes English fluently, though there's often a certain dated, almost quaint quality to his prose style....I've asked him more than once where he lives but he won't say....what is certain is that he's a flaming antisemite, a Nazi apologist, despises the United States, and is deeply into various crackpot conspiracy theories..despite all that, he comes across as a decent and thoughtful sort of chap, though clearly a bit of a loony...
2009-07-06 08:03:39
It's funny how people like to talk about stealing land from "native Americans". Do you mean American Indians? If you want to pander and be politically correct, go someplace else. I am a native American of American Indian ancestry. Save the PC garbage for the "white" Indians like Ward Churchill. As bad as all those times were, people don't realize that the American Indians were in a constant state of inter-tribal warfare, which in some cases, became wars of extinction. The Comanches ran the Apache off much of what is now Texas, and the Apache had exterminated several primitive tribes who were there before they were. History is replete with conquest and assimilation; it is what man does! My father faced discrimination, because he looked much more "Indian" than me and my generation. However, he fought for this nation, was a proud veteran until the day he died, built several successful companies and raised a family. He would laugh at your description of America. If your cynical view is all you have taken away from your experience as an American, and if you think the whole American experiment has been a cynical, abject failure, go find someone in a more "peaceful" and "perfect" place, to trade places with you. The vast majority will do it in a heartbeat. I'll help you pack...
2009-07-05 00:23:36
Right, Patito! Naire... Just that we have not evolved since the days of the Khan invasions across Asia, although we like to think we have. The only difference is our technological development; and our savagery is cloaked under the guise of euphemistic phrases like Enduring Freedom, War on Terror and so forth, only to fatten the pockets of the military-industrial criminals. And so, in that regard I agree with you Patito, its good to celebrate the 'impression' of independence, the 'impression' of freedom, and...
2009-07-04 23:58:05
Happy Independence Day, Patito! Have one for me, too. Beer, that is. ;-)
2009-07-04 23:47:46
Perhaps, to make people like Flagstone happy, we should have a National Day of Repentance..on that day we'd all dress in sack-cloth, rub ashes on our faces, then flagellate and scourge ourselves for our collective national sins...We Americans need this especially since, after all, we are the only people in the entire history of the world who ever invaded, conquered, colonized, displaced or otherwise messed with or were mean to any other people...right ? I propose we have this Day of Repentance on the 3rd of July..then the next day, on the Fourth, we could get dressed as usual and drink beer, have parades, play baseball, drink beer, shoot fireworks, catch fish, drink beer, ride horses, race cars, drink beer, cook barbecue, have picnics, drink beer and celebrate our Independence as usual...
2009-07-04 23:11:54
Each country has things to be proud of, and things not to be proud of. the statue of liberty does symbolize freedom to many people, and America, even more than England, where I have been recently, is a melting pot for people from all over the world. are you saying that we have nothing at all to be proud of? or have a day of celebration and rememberance for? then I would think every country on the face of the earth should stop their celebrations, since there are no perfect people anywhere!
2009-07-04 21:23:03
A great photo of a mythical symbol, but true, independence from the tyrant England; at the same time and during the following decades, slaughtered the indigenous peoples and stole huge swathes of their land, and now the people who severed their connections to the global tyrant England have become even greater global tyrants. Yes, may all honourable Americans celebrate Independence Day, remembering the past. What of the future then?
2009-07-04 19:33:10
I put 'yank' then 'oops American' just to bug patito ;-)
2009-07-04 19:29:45
You didn't rain on my parade...the more the merrier. I've been so busy the last few days, I forgot to post one for Canada Day 1 July ;-)
2009-07-04 16:32:51
Thanks poppy!!
2009-07-04 16:29:10
Hello, Oops American, Happy Independence Day!
2009-07-04 16:25:39
Thanks connie, this is pretty spectacular, but you're's was great too poppy, so I'm an oops American now!! :)
2009-07-04 15:52:22
Sorry, Connie, I did not mean to rain on your parade by posting a pic by the same theme right after your pic. I was at the bottom of the page uploading my 4th of July pic when yours must have popped up at the top. - Your pic is way better, so no contest... ;-)