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Old Comments:

2009-11-02 17:11:04
Someone wishes us all a Happy Halloween via a nice animation, and it gets downvoted. Getting pretty negative around here.
2009-11-01 10:04:36
Not sure what it is, it looks to me like the pics all mixed up on the wrong pages, so when you post a pic it might turn up anywhere. I'm sure patito will have some logical explanation ... ; )
2009-11-01 09:56:43
Is that whats happening? I posted this one and didn't see it come up so I did it again and didn't see it and figured something was wrong with the link - but now I see its there twice down below several others - Must be a weird Halloween trick perhaps?
2009-11-01 09:46:57
Happy Halloween to you to fuzzy blue one! did you notice something strange going on? everytime I upload a pic it comes on underneath a bunch of pics that were already on the page....spooky ;)