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Old Comments:

2010-04-06 04:38:48
Libellule - the sentence you used before "I prefer to not understand any words of English" is technically correct. It just did not impart the same exact meaning of what you wrote in French; Google Translator can't do that. They give a literal translation...which in real life, translators can't/won't do. Pic comes from the word picture. It's a shortcut. That was good that Google Translator can translate shortcuts ;-)
2010-04-06 02:38:53
By the way, I think Google translator is still the best one around...I have tried others, but theyre not as much accurate.
2010-04-06 02:32:22
Thanks Connie :-) I hope Ive covered the languages / nationalities most present in the site... @ PG : About how to write Greek, I actually look for sites which teach the languages and copy paste the sentence I want. I use Google translator only to check if the sentences really mean what they mean, and also to translate names of photographers (Poppy gave me that hint by the way)
2010-04-03 09:01:21
I'm sure that there are other translators online that we could find and use, as well as Google's translator, so that we can check and compare each one. I was taught Greek twice, but because I don't speak the language on a regular basis, I soon forgot it. I only know a few words here and there. I was taught that because my dad is from Cyprus and in case I ever visited over there, I would communicate better with my relatives. I haven't been there yet. Don't know when that will be... :(
2010-04-03 05:06:28
I discovered Google Translator one or two monthes ago. And I used it for French English, and French Spanish. For these idioms/languages, two by two, it is a good help. But it is not good yet. Not reliable. For exemple, yesterday, with Connie : ' I prefer to not understand any words of English" . The sentence I wrote - and Connie corrected it - was taken by Google Translator. If I had been less lazy at that time I should have done better. To find one word, it is very good. For exemple : " en avoir marre" - "to be fed up", " un coffre de voiture"-"a car trunk" To translate a text, if you don't know anything of a language, it is not reliable. Maybe all the other Members of Pixdaus who speak - or have good idea- about two languages can test it ? And tell us. There is the ability to give better translation than this Translator purposes. And, if we - everywhere in the whole world, - take some time to purpose better translation, it will be better quickly :-) Yesterday, I learnt at Google Translator "pic", "photo" in French ! And it memorized it IMMEDIATELY ! One click !
2010-04-03 04:33:22
Great idea jujuba...posting Easter photos with greetings in several different languages! It's perfect for an international site such as Pixdaus.
2010-04-02 21:24:23
Actually, I've just seen the translator from Google. Is that how you do it ? Funny how you always find out something after you've asked about it... :(
2010-04-02 21:04:00
Pardon my ignorance, but I just was wondering how you got to type the Greek letters. Do you download a program or something to get them ?
2010-04-02 05:50:28
You wrote it the perfect way!!
2010-04-02 04:55:17
παρακαλώ DANIS! καλά να περάσετε! :-) (Youre welcome, have a good time!) Hope I said it right ;-)
2010-04-02 04:35:54
Καλο Πασχα jujuba! Efharisto poli ,(thank you very much)!!