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Old Comments:

2010-07-03 09:51:54
2010-07-02 18:25:29
however, here's your pix
2010-07-02 17:05:56
I love reading your chatter..... it's quiet entertaining!
2010-07-02 15:52:33
No adjectives absolutely no adjectives in your comment!! Yikes, you're boring!! Get that addled braing of yours going. Yes, I do love to 'hit the sauce'...particularly a well-made bernaise. It goes beautifully with a perfectly sauteed trout fish that has been toped with crab. The best wine with lake trout is a dry white wine such as a bourgogne or a muscadet. I wouldn't say no to a Pouilly Fumé either.
2010-07-02 14:58:09
You "await with bathed breath ?" Good idea..your breath probably needs a bath the way you've been hittin' the sauce.
2010-07-02 14:53:40
On second thought, One Comment Wonder Sindely Whiplash, this is more a Poppy style of comment than a Patito. One just has to replace the word 'drunk' with 'delusional', and it's almost word for word for what Poppy wrote me once. However, 'drunk' is more a Patito word. Hmmm. Could they have merged/morphed into another human being...perhaps a Popita? This requires further sleuthing on my part.
2010-07-02 14:43:32
Oops...I just re-read your comment where you call me a "village head-case". Is that the same as the village idiot or village clown? If so, it's a brand new description of me. I kinda like it. Keep it up my good man, you just might become less predictible and repetitive.
2010-07-02 14:39:22
I have never tried to weasel out of anything. If I thought you downvoted or had that photo deleted, I would have said so without hesitation. Since when have I ever hesitated to tell you off or minced words? Like most Americans, you have a strong sense of what your flag stands for, and people like that generally have some respect for other country's flag. Even if you and Skip downvoted that photo, it would only be by 6 points...not enough to send the photo to oblivion. What I was saying is that, if anyone dares criticize one of the Triad (you, Poppy, Skip), your 'friends' rush to defend comments and/or downvoting. Yet, I only responded to a comment about me that Skip INITIATED...with misleading information. Poppy the Pixdaus Monitor is unique. She has been given power by Pixdaus to delete comments/photos that she does not approve of. She has often implied that she was connected with Pixdaus. I don't do booze; I'm a very light social drinker. Because I reminded you that you were a heavy drinker at one time (about 1 l/2 years ago you made reference to heavy drinking), you decided to turn the table on me and call me a drunk. Can't you be more creative that that? Don't do the dementia, depression, paranoia've already done that to death. I await with bathed breath some new adjectives ;-)
2010-07-02 14:01:27
Connie, you're drunk. Go to bed before you make an even bigger fool of yourself.
2010-07-02 13:32:16
Bullshit! Your first statement is a virtual flat out accusation that Patito , Poppy and Skip are/were responsible for the photo in question being downvoted into oblivion. Now you're trying to weasel out by denying that's what you said or meant. You've become the village head-case here, Connie.
2010-07-02 13:14:49
By the way, Ademir's photo has re-appeared with -5 votes...weird! It would never enter my mind to think that you would delete the photo of another country's flag which is in the middle of celebrating it's birthday. You are a jerk, but you are not a vicious the people who downvoted that photo. No matter who posts a photo of one's country flag, or a photo offering good wishes etc., no one should downvote it. Whoever you are, you not only insulting me (I don't care), but you insulted all Canadians on this site.
2010-07-02 13:07:50
I said "Patito, Poppy and Skip have a lot of friends". Nowhere in that sentence does it say you or the other two are guilty. What I am saying is that you three have a lot of friends. No more no less. You are again twisting that I wrote. Your brain is really can't even read English.
2010-07-02 12:40:43
I did NOT downvote the photo in question, nor have I downvoted your photos in the past. Your belief that I have is proof beyond doubt that you ae a paranoid, delusional crank and a crackpot.
2010-07-02 12:31:43
I hope all you Canadians enjoyed some celebrations in our great country - from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Arctic Circle to the Great Big Waters. Unfortunately, the photo I posted to wish you all a Happy Canada Day has been sent to oblivion - even the one that Ademir posted to me. Sorry about that Ademir; you were brave to do that ;-) Patito, Poppy and Skip have a lot of friends. Like I, and many others, have always said, this site is not about photos, it's all about voting for your cyberspace friends' uploads, forming a clique, and downvoting other people's uploads in support of each other. The kindergarden class is alive and well in Pixdausland.