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Old Comments:

2009-07-01 22:13:05
Happy Birthday Skip!! Hope you have a totally kewlistic day!
2009-06-30 23:16:49
Thanks eibar! Thanks WitchGirl! I wasen't expecting it, but everyone's nice wishes, and the cake, made it really special for me! Hey, somebody here must have a birthday in july?
2009-06-30 20:19:11
May you share love and laughter with those you love. Happy Birthday, Skip!
2009-06-30 17:44:08
Wishing you another wonderful year of happiness and joy. Happy Birthday My Friend !
2009-06-30 16:50:41
Thanks connie, poppy, and Danis and everyone! this is great! now you all have to tell your birthdays so I can return the favor, it's almost two in the morning here so I have to get some sleep, but please keep partying, have another piece of virtual cake! you guys are the best!
2009-06-30 16:31:34
Happy, happy Birthday Skip !!!
2009-06-30 16:09:12
Instead of counting candles, Or tallying the years, Contemplate your blessings now, As your birthday nears. Consider special people Who love you, and who care, And others whove enriched your life Just by being there. Think about the memories Passing years can never mar, Experiences great and small That have made you who you are. Another year is a happy gift, So cut your cake, and say, "Instead of counting birthdays, I count blessings every day!" By Joanna Fuchs
2009-06-30 15:57:41
Yikes - some of those symbols don't look like what I chose.
2009-06-30 15:56:55
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Happy birthday to you♫ ♫Happy birthday dear skip Happy birthday to you ♫
2009-06-30 13:03:40
Thanks jacksparrow..nice voice!
2009-06-30 12:57:58
♫♫ Happy birthday to you... ♫♫
2009-06-30 12:55:04
Thanks jhonnywalk, I would not have mentioned it but those flowers got my attention, there's lots of nice people here, if I could i'd invite you all over to party,,, but no trolls please! :)
2009-06-30 12:53:00
Now to find some entertainment!
2009-06-30 12:38:03
Happy birthday skip.......
2009-06-30 12:30:11
Wow! you really made my day fuzzy blue one!! my own virtual birthday cake and flowers!! everyone help yourself, I just know there's chocolate inside right fuzzy blue one? : )