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Old Comments:

2008-11-03 03:55:33
OOPS. I was fighting the cheating war with one more weapon but shot myself instead. Ouch. I guess I am not very practised at subterfuge so I might as well give up. poppy
2008-11-03 03:49:52
I knew what you meant. I was just as astounded as you were about Arbiter's comment. Maybe it's Arbiter's troll? ;-)
2008-11-03 03:08:13
p.s.: I mean 'Arbiter', not you, poppy! ;o)
2008-11-03 03:04:29
What??? Ehm... What have you done with 'Arbiter'??? Isn't this a dangerous poop-picture like ALL my others?
2008-11-03 03:03:26
Lovely picture, Gripweed!
2008-11-03 02:59:41
This is a very cute picture Gripweed.