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Posted By:pirizoe

Old Comments:

2008-04-01 10:03:58
So, you don't respond to yourself, but you did reply to patito. That makes sense.
2008-04-01 02:34:42
We do not respond to irrelevant people
2008-04-01 02:06:39 sound like an bigoted hick to me..
2008-04-01 01:56:37
looks like a stupid smelly girl to me.
2008-03-31 20:07:37
This should be seen as a reminder of how wonderfully diverse the human race is.
2008-03-04 01:30:34
give this one to G.W.Bush is God.
2008-03-03 07:26:11
dam if i would seen her, instead of taking this picture, i was runing away
2008-03-02 07:36:00
someone needs abrush to get rid of that rats nest!!! lolololol
2008-03-01 19:38:50
Amy Winehouse out of rehab!
2008-03-01 04:23:00
This sad child has gone through a lot of suffering.