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Posted By:kev

Old Comments:

2009-09-18 18:46:01
Patito sucks (the poster behind the nick) is so insecure, jealous and envious of those us who can have 'normal' conversations and exchanges of opinions that he/she had to minus our comments and crap on the page. How pathetic is that? Instead of trying to get attention the negative way, why does he/she not clean up his/her act, and stop being such an infernal nuisance. If not, his/her banishment from the site is imminent.
2009-09-18 06:47:42
i have no problem with people making comments good or bad about my pics and i welcome them,however whatever that tirade of abuse was all about i have no idea,but it certainly wasnt anything to do with comments.please make whatever comments you wish to poppy.
2009-09-17 21:19:52
Kev, I am sorry that a perfectly normal and 'sane' comment page where some of us exchanged points of view turned into a battle scene because of the troll. If you wish us to NOT make any comments on your pics, please tell us so. We have no way of controlling the crazy actions of the trolls that follow us wherever we go, so the only way to 'protect the sanctity' of your pics is to stay away from them. That much we can accomplish. ;-)
2009-09-17 17:16:15
please stop all this childish name calling or at least move it away from one of my pics
2009-09-17 09:51:30
Very funny that these words came from you "Troll patrol"! Ups, sorry: patito! Very funny...
2009-09-17 09:37:08
...yep...I think it's perfectly okay to tell a troll, or someone without the guts to make comments under their real name, to go fuck fuck yourself...and, I DO have an answer for you and the rest of the trolls hiding behind false names...go fuck yourselves : )
2009-09-17 09:26:58
Typical answer from patito who thinks it is OK what he is doing! And typical for an embittered old man who has no answers anymore...
2009-09-17 09:22:32
...go fuck yourself .... : )
2009-09-17 09:05:20
Meanwhile they ARE typical for you! You called fardin "a lazy low-life goat-fucker" cause she uploaded duplicates!!! Who do you think you are?????? You better calm down! YOU wrote same day that all these nudity pics should removed cause this is a family site! And now read your comments here: "lazy, low-life, goat-fucker - you retarded dick-head chum-swilling motherfucker - fuckin' pathetic lunatic bastard - goddamn moron - jackass - whining little cry-baby cunt - go fuck yourself" And so on, and so on! All quotes from YOU! Want more examples? There are MANY in the last days! This isn't better than nudity pics! You should be banished like these porn pics...
2009-09-17 08:49:41
ts... What's the difference? Wake up and see what you are doing, for God's sake!!!
2009-09-17 08:42:34 left out "troll" should be "cocksucking troll bastard"... : )
2009-09-17 08:40:10
As I've said, and as everyone knows who's been around here for very long,those are not "typical" of my comments in general..they are only typical of my comments in response to you loathsome, worthless, gutless dick-licking trolls....I was raised not to take any shit from anybody..I sure as hell am not going to take any shit from a chicken-shit turd-gobblin' sonofabitch like don't you go fuck yourself ? : p
2009-09-17 08:16:18
...and another typical patito comment from today: "goddamn asshole and break your fucking worthless neck, you slimebag cocksucking bastard !" People like patito shouldn't stay on Pixdaus! Those comments are obscene as porn pics! The don't belong here! If patito haven't himself under control, he should banish from Pixdaus immediately!! "Hall of shame"!!!! How fitting for patito!
2009-09-17 07:26:40 whoever is voting down my comments and Poppy's comments: may your head fall through your goddamn asshole and break your fucking worthless neck, you slimebag cocksucking troll bastard !
2009-09-17 05:59:21
points taken connie and patito thank you so much for your comments,it means a lot
2009-09-17 03:50:07
Kev, it's not just a pic; photos that trigger comments have value. We learn new things from these comments; we find out and sometime we learn from other people's point of view.
2009-09-17 00:04:26
That so many people simply look at the formal qualities of the photos and don't give much thought to the content is why a lot of interesting photos get voted down...BTW..I consider you among the front rank of posters of good stuff on this site....hang in there and keep it up !!!
2009-09-16 23:56:20
ok it's just a pic,i never expected all the debate but hey it's good to know there are people who really do look at the pics and think about them.
2009-09-16 23:15:39
You are right that you don't have to kill an animal to get milk..but in order for lactation to occur a cow must breed and have a calf...about half those calves will be girl-calves and can be worked into the dairy herd...but about half will be boy-calves...what is the farmer to do with them? Euthanise them at birth ? That's inconsistent with vegan ethics. Keep them as pets? The farmer would soon have hundreds of 1200 pound eating machines consuming every last sprig of grass in his pasture. So what is actually done is that those boy calves become steers and eventually wind up in restaurants and supermarkets. Also, once a milk cow is too old to keep up with the demands of production, what's to be done with her? Well, once in a while a sentimental farmer will turn an old cow of whom he's particularly fond out to pasture...but usually those old cows go to matket as what are called 'canners and cutters'....they wind up at McDonalds and Whataburger....a similar fate awaits laying hens once they're too old to keep up with production...I have a lot of respect for people who are ethical vegetarians...but it's not easy to do, and if one eats animal products one might as well eat the animal, since one is subsidizing a system which involves the massive slaughter of stick to soy milk and sherbert !
2009-09-16 17:55:08
Kev, of course your photo title should stand as is: Hall of Shame. I agree with you about animal trophies being displayed… they give me the creeps. They (stuffed animals in general) have their place only in Natural Museums, anywhere else they tend to smack of “Look, what a brave hunter I have been to have felled this splendid animal” – and, at least for me, the nausea factor comes instantly into play. It is one thing to practise hunting for the purposes of sustenance or keeping the numbers of the animals at a manageable level and quite another to kill just to get a head on a wall. BUT – even trophy hunting is a necessity in some parts of the world, especially in National or Nature Parks in African countries. Why? Because it brings in huge money that is utilized for taking good care of the animals and for sharing among the native people living inside the parks. The trophy animals are carefully selected individuals that would have to be culled in any case. Parks have to keep the numbers down, otherwise all the animals would perish, and that – surely – is not an option.
2009-09-16 17:31:32
thank you for your observations patito,but as far as i'm aware you do not have to kill an animal to obtain eggs or milk etc.but i think we will have to agree to disagree,there is no justification in my opinion to kill animals,just for trophies.
2009-09-16 15:15:20
Superior to animals? Is the lion superior to the impala? Is the owl superior to the mouse? Are you superior to a house fly? How about ants and cockroaches? You're on a slippery slope there, watch your step!
2009-09-16 02:45:22
Most countries, at least the Western ones, have responsible wildlife preservation and land conservation measures in place. To use my country as an example, we have 35 National Parks, 19 Nature Parks, and nearly 7,000 various nature preservation areas and they total 3,298,500 hectares. That is nearly 10% of our total land area. In addition to that, the vast wildernesses in the east and north are natural refuge areas to animals, so I’d say they have a pretty good life here. Better than most people, considering the hardships of the current economic depression… ;-)
2009-09-16 02:01:19
Hmmm..interesting...not trying to rile you up or ruffle your feathers, Ken...and I respect your decision not to eat merat....but you drink milk or eat butter, yogurt, ice cream or cheese ? The production of all those things entails the killing of animals....being an ethtical vegetarian is philosophically interesting...and Ghandi's autobiography a few years ago..he struggled with the problem..eggs, for example ? Fish ? I wish you could have known my Aunt Pearl ...she and another old lady grew up on the farm and in the woods ..they spent time all year round down in the river valley, observing the deer, watching their movements, putting out feed and the fall each would take their limit of deer, usually young yearling bucks...they dressed and processed and eventually ate just about everything but the hide...they weren't smug..they were compasionate, thoughful, eseentially gentle women with great respect for the lives and dignity of everyone,including animals..but they were practical, and they were unsentimental....
2009-09-16 01:45:29
yes i am,but that's beside the point,it's the disregard for life,that these smug so called hunters have.there should be a tv reality show,where they are hunted,to see how it would feel
2009-09-16 01:37:02
I take it that you're a vegetarian, then?
2009-09-16 01:34:06
what makes you people think you are so superior to animals,that you deserve to live and they don't ?There is no excuse to kill anything in my opinion,however you try to dress it up with fancy figures and try to justify title stands " HALL OF SHAME "
2009-09-15 21:36:35
A lot of modern-day hunting is done in a style that I find aesthetically offensive..a lot of fishing too, for that matter..but the substance of JFS and Poppy's comments is absolutely correct..if it weren't for hunters thousands of deer would simply starve to death each winter...we've already knocked the natural balance of things out of whack by virtually elininating the natural predators , so it's our responsibility to take their place.. .urbanized people who look at the natural world from the the secure confines of their cities and suburbs sometimes tend to think that the animals are all walking around in the woods smelling the flowers fact, ecology pretty much boils down to 'who eats who'....
2009-09-15 18:16:14
I respect your opinion, but a lot of money spent by hunters goes to support wildlife, this money comes from taxes, licenses, travel costs, leasing fees. For example, if I am a rancher with deer and elk on my property, I have an incentive to feed, support and maintain populations of the wildlife IF I can sell hunting rights. If I cannot, then the wildlife is competition for forage for my domestic animals and I have an incentive to eradicate the wildlife. I accept the idea of someone shooting Bambi is not pleasant, but a lot of Bambis are alive because a few are hunted.