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Posted By:Persian

Old Comments:

2009-03-09 10:40:38
well thx for all of u taking ur time searching the location for this pix :)
2009-03-09 08:16:03
Welll, nobody thanked me for saying it was Smuggler's Cove!!! I didn't think anyone was interested in allllll the details patito provided ;-) I'm surprised patito that you didn't tell us an old seafarer or pirate story of how the name came about.
2009-03-09 04:03:00
nice searching guy.
2009-03-09 03:59:48
Okay...I found's on the coast of Zakynthos( sometimes spelled Zykanthos ) in the Ionian Sea ( not the Aegean ) which is on the Eastern side of the Greek mainland..and Ms C is right, it's called Smuggler's wife also told me it wasn't Santorini.
2009-03-09 02:19:00
It's Smuggler's Cove in Greece
2009-03-08 20:27:48
Where is the diver? ;-)
2009-03-08 19:28:50
This is among the most frequently posted photos on Pixdaus..there are even several versions of it,so obviously people like's one of the Aegean Islands, maybe Santorini ?