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2009-05-16 03:36:52
Habu sake, despite its name, is actually not a type of sake. Instead, it is what is known as an awamori. Though both alcoholic drinks come from rice, awamori is created through distillation, rather than brewing. This type of drink is unique to its place of origin: Okinawa, Japan. Even among the different types of awamori, habu sake is a very special drink. It is made using the venom of the highly poisonous habu snake. The snake is said to have strong medicinal properties. For instance, some believe that it is good for back problems, arthritis, and removing toxins from the body. The alcohol within habu sake neutralizes the poison of the snake. In addition to this, many different herbs are added to increase health benefits. While individuals generally purchase a bottle with just the mixture, more expensive bottles will also include the snake.