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Old Comments:

2010-08-03 14:54:02
Thank you Repenomamus, I am sure that you are correct and that these are the Crested Auklet (Aethia cristatella). Heritage Expeditions had simply identified them as Guillemots and since their are five or six species of Guillemot, this seemed plausible. I was pretty certain, however, that they were not the widespread Pigeon Guillemot that I have seen personally. But, they are quite similar. I am far from having any expertise as an ornithologist.
2010-08-03 08:10:25
I suggest that they are Aethia Cristatella actually (Konuga - Конюга).
2010-08-02 11:42:29
Photo from Heritage Expeditions trip log. Heritage Expeditions, Auckland, New Zealand, operates expedition type tours to remote areas in the Antarctic, Arctic and elsewhere in the Pacific. The birds in this photo are Guillemots closely related to the more widespread Pigeon Guillemot, however, I think they are distinctly different.