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Old Comments:

2011-11-29 05:57:22
Yes, we noticed that almost immediately. So what's new...this is the Pixdaus comment section. You fit right in.
2011-11-29 05:52:34
Oh never mind..go ahead and talk about yourself. In fact, do whatever you want and don't pay any attention to me...I'm a complete idiot and a blithering goddamned fool anyway, as you probably noticed already.
2011-11-29 05:48:34
Quit talking about yourself Patito
2011-11-29 02:40:13
Caption is misleading. Bear Bryant used to use this bus to haul his balls from game to game and the massive amount of weight eventually broke the suspension. That's why the bus is leaning to one side.
2011-11-29 02:39:00
Pixdaus Watcher being patito is from Texas
2011-11-29 01:00:46
Yep! Well, everyone got it , Patito: YOU ARE NOT FUNNY! Now give us a break...
2011-11-29 00:56:02
Guess it's safe to assume that Pixdaus Watcher ( and his mother) are from Alabama : ) Maybe his sister too : )
2011-11-29 00:52:45
That is NOT funny ! Whoever you are, Better Question, you just really hurt my feelings with that insensitive remark ! Yes, it so happens that my mother does weight 375 lbs, and is only 4' 10" tall, but she cannot help it that she is addicted to cheeseburgers, fries and chocolate chip cookies, which she stuffs in her mouth as fast as she can swallow ! How would you like it if your mother was grotesquely obese and people made fun of her ? Not very much, I dare say ! Try to show a little more compassion for fat people in the future!
2011-11-28 22:31:23
A better question might be: guess which side Pixdaus Watcher's mother is sitting on ? Ha Ha !
2011-11-28 20:57:46
Guess who doesn't give a rat's ass what you think about this or anything else, you simple-minded putz ?
2011-11-28 20:52:06
Thank you Patito. I just want to make sure that you are the low level troll who is responsible for this rubbish! :) btw: humorless?? Be funny and I will laugh! But you are not funny at all! You are just a pain in the neck. Have a nice day, sonofabitch :)
2011-11-28 20:38:56
Guess who thinks Pixdaus Watcher is an up-tight, narrow minded, judgemental, humorless asshole ?
2011-11-28 20:32:26
Guess which idiot uploaded this crap?