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Old Comments:

2008-10-09 20:14:58
Bosnia and Herzegovinia if you know where it is at all
2008-06-07 02:56:24
Thats a three wheeler renault.
2008-04-16 05:38:19
only in russia
2008-04-16 05:18:19
numai la noi se poate intampla asa ceva
2008-04-09 02:26:24
Wherever it is (Romania we're told)... it's a shithole.
2008-04-03 17:11:04
Agreed with Spaniard :-)
2008-04-03 14:03:35
Romania, defenitely.
2008-02-20 01:17:07
This is Romania but the contry is growing fast and soon images like this will be just the past.
2008-02-18 05:14:24
Romania! ;))
2008-02-18 04:14:02
2008-02-17 20:23:40
This is creative, but of course I do not expect that some guys who have everything understand that!!! Eventhough PEACE
2008-02-17 15:03:22
how you manage to be a part of eu with these junks
2008-02-17 04:52:54
ROMANIA !!! my motherland :)
2008-02-17 04:26:02
2008-02-17 00:18:06
The US - man ... I watched a programme on TV the other day and you guys have some right heaps on the road. This one has all its body panels and a full compliment of seats, so I presume somewhere in Europe.
2008-02-16 23:56:35
2008-02-16 19:45:15
of course..well roumanian guys were not allowed to answer^^
2008-02-16 19:32:00
it's Romania, of course, with a Dacia 1310.