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Old Comments:

2010-02-28 17:09:30
Wow! The votes received by this photo really exploded after my comments above. It had received negative votes, prior to my voting on it and adding it to my favorites and in less than one day has increased this to 15 positive votes.
2010-02-28 00:33:05
I agree with you, but in the history of this website photographs of people have not done particularly well, the exceptions being very beautiful women and very attractive children, usually female. This is a generalization and perhaps not one hundred percent true, but it is certainly and unarguably what a statistician would call a 'central tendency,' and one has only to scroll through a few pages of the Most Popular Ever photos to confirm its validity. The reasons why this is the case is another matter altogether and would be an interesting topic for discussion and debate.
2010-02-27 15:39:34
I simply love this photo, it is one of the best on Pixdaus and cannot understand why it hasn't garnered more votes. I voted for it (with a 3 vote) and also added it to my favorites.