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Old Comments:

2010-07-23 18:20:00
Thanks Poppy. Grevilleas are native to Australia and are sometimes called Spider Flowers. Honeyeaters love their blossoms - but some people don't care for them - this pic has gone from 9 to 4.
2010-07-23 12:46:07
Good pic, Gabrielle! Grevillea is a new plant for me, so - thanks!
2010-07-22 18:11:33
Oh me, oh my and there I was just thinking that it was a just nice pic of my favourite Grevillea!
2010-07-22 11:20:36
I saw them too. They are mini martians caught in the evil tentacles of another alien species. Can't you hear their screams?
2010-07-22 10:54:28
FBO sees Ninjas and Alliens everywhere :P
2010-07-22 10:47:22
Wow! I see what you mean FBO, I had never noticed them before - spooky. At least they are tiny.
2010-07-22 04:38:06
Pretty, but I see little alien faces in there
2010-07-22 03:01:42
Aaaw so sweet Gabrielle - I love the different tones of pink on it... Thanks for sharing :-)
2010-07-21 18:44:53
This is a really great Grevillea - it brings many Honeyeaters to the garden.