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Old Comments:

2008-11-30 08:18:34
The link between CO2 emissions and climate warming may be unclear to scientific illiterates like the directors of Exxon Mobile and Lush Rimjob, but to the overwhelming preponderance of the world's scientists, across a broad range of disciplines, that link is established between any reasonable doubt. And the idea that global warming will somehow be "good for us" and enable us to grow more crops is such a ridiculous assertion it doesn't even warrant a response. You need to stop listening to what a hand full of loud-mouthed right-wing radio talk show hosts believe and find out what actual scientists are saying about climate change. Or you may choose to continue to expose the depth and breadth of your vast and abysmal ignorance.
2008-11-30 05:30:59
Give me a fucking break! Stop carbon dioxide? These morons must be unaware of the fact that higher levels of CO2 promote a greener planet, an abundance of agriculture and food, as well as many other benefits. The link that temperature is heightened with increased carbon dioxide is unclear, and it may very well be the other way around. Try a simple science experiment - take a glass of your favorite carbonated beverage and leave it out at room temperature. Try the same amount in a mildly heated pan. See which one goes flat first ;)
2008-11-29 21:22:49
don't worry its probly just a Banksy -worth millions
2008-11-29 18:26:21
Vandals-they've defaced that beautiful concrete block.
2008-11-29 17:44:13
Calling someone you disagree with a 'terrorist' is pretty ignorant. A very inspiring picture. Greenpeace is one of the few organizations that actually make a difference on this planet.
2008-11-28 12:09:11
Eco-terrorists are still terrorists.