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Posted By:Purerustic

Old Comments:

2010-08-03 09:59:23
Dear potty mouth aka Poppy's lap dog: I am not ru and I don't care if you believe me or not. I do not "slam others who post" photos using other names. So what?. There is no harm done. I care about the cowards who use other names beside their username to post insulting and demeaning comments. That is what you and your mistress Poppy do so well. The only painful thing here is you and Poppy. I don't hide behind another name to tell you and the Queen of Pixdaus off. I like all of Pixdaus to know why 'Connie' thinks of you two.
2010-08-03 09:36:34
If you are Ru as opposed to ru, why have 104 of your 106 pictures been posted by ru and not Ru? And now you claim I have been posting comments under ru. How dare you hurl accusations like that without a shread of proof? You go around telling lies about me and assassinating my character when I am not even present on Pixdaus, something that only a coward and a vindictive person would do...
2010-08-03 08:19:26
To Ru: I have NEVER attempted to steal your name. - Strange that you were given a Norwegian name since you were - by your own admission - born in Finland.
2010-08-03 08:15:32
To Purerustic: Poppy's comments about using a comma to separate tag words IS correct. But I found it very curious that she should single out you for this screed of hers. And also the way she does it, as if she is an authority, telling you what to do rather than just give information. To Poppy: Any comments that I may, or may not have, regarding you were signed as "Ru". Can you say the same? No, you have used a large number of alias names for your comments, even to the extent of posting comments under my name "ru" before I registered the name. And it was this hostile action by you, the attempt to steal my name, that first showed your true colors. To All Pixdaus Users: My name on Pixdaus is "Ru", always has been and always will be. I have never commented under or posted photos under any other name. When I was born I was given the Norwegian name of Ryupa. However, after my parents moved to the US, and went to school there, I shortened this name to Ru and have used it ever since.
2010-08-02 22:36:44
You're pretty transparent here Connie. And isn't it ironic that you , who claim to have the courage to comment under your real name and are quick to slam others who post using alternate names,should resort to this kind of trickery. It would be different if you were slick enough to pull it off, but this attempt at deception is so slipshod and obvious it's almost painful.
2010-08-02 22:03:25
To Purerustic: ru’s the one with a hidden agenda, so naturally her comment would attack me rather than stay objective about the matter of the correct way of entering tags. I have made similar comments about tagging countless times, to newcomers as well as ‘older Pixdaus posters’. If you are interested in what ru considers ‘snarky comments’ in reference to her, please read my 2 comments to ru at that started her campaign against me.
2010-08-02 16:03:09
Purerustic, don't pay to much heed to Poppy, she loves to haggle new posters and leave them with the impression, without actually saying so, that she is some sort of a Pixdaus administrator. Problem is that many older Pixdaus posters commit this same error again and again and Poppy completely ignores them because she is trying to cultivate them for whatever her hidden agenda is. I started posting several months ago, and she treated me the same way. Snarky comments about the source of my photos and then she finished her post with one of her facetious smiley faces. I have long since quit posting altogether just because of her.
2010-08-02 11:19:57
Hello purerustic, Please enter the tags in this way: tag, comma, space, tag, comma, space, tag, comma, space... You have entered it tag, comma, tag, comma, tag... Just put your cursor on your tags and you'll see that they read as one long tag: treetreefroggreenfroggardensummer. The reason why the tags need to be separate words is this: If viewers want to see e.g. more frog pics, they can click on the 'frog' in the tags, and instantly get pages and pages of frog pics. There's no way that I could get to the 'frog' category from your tags because they are one single tag; all I get is this pic and nothing else. - I don't think Pixdaus has made it very clear in their 'cats, funny' example. ;-) All the best to you, greetings, poppy.