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Posted By:Sea Lemon

Old Comments:

2009-02-25 08:24:31
Thanks for the links!
2009-02-18 17:58:32
Thanks Sea Lemon. I'm always curious about how cool effects are done.
2009-02-18 17:11:53
tnx susan.
2009-02-18 17:11:23
no, google search pic. found on some russian adress. don't know who and how. sry.
2009-02-18 10:01:31
Kool pic! Did you use the Zig Zag filter?
2009-02-18 01:29:59
It means the waves or lines or movement of the water..very nice picture!
2009-02-17 23:11:53
ripples? It's too difficult for me!