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Old Comments:

2010-07-30 10:35:22
Thankyou Coy. Aren't you sweet to say your very kind words. Many thanks. I do appreciate that very much... :)
2010-07-30 01:25:59
Have some sweet dreams P.G. We all love you here on Pixdaus. You are such a nice lady...
2010-07-29 23:37:58
You are most welcome, Coy. And I will be pleased to post the photo too. It's 10.30pm Thursday night here now, so just about to call it a day here. Hope you have a wonderful day, Coy... :)
2010-07-29 22:14:44
Thank you much P.G. and thanks for the info. on the pretty little garden. You will get it whenever you can and I will be pleased to see it. Have a nice day P.G.
2010-07-29 09:35:44
Nice post, Coy. What a beautiful bird ! Coy, I went to take a photo of that garden I was talking about before with the beautiful flowers, but because it is winter here now, that person's garden hasn't got any flowers out now. I think around 8 weeks time will be when there will be colour back there. Spring will be 3 weeks old by then. So I should get a good pic at that time... :)
2010-07-29 02:09:40
Thank you very much nan6230.
2010-07-29 01:22:47
Nice detail.