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Old Comments:

2008-07-03 10:13:22
This appears to be one of the farms outside of palm springs
2008-03-25 22:23:08
Surfers, read that one: It won't get any greener.
2008-03-23 06:57:22
^ Bit of an irrelevance when you think of the environmental positives this sort of thing is providing over said coal/oil/gas plants
2008-03-23 05:05:53
Modern slower turning wind farms do not affect birds.
2008-03-23 04:13:04
Those wind farms can be hell on birds, depending on where they're located..
2008-03-23 03:33:03
Right. I'm still confused. What exactly did you mean by "Green energy? What on earth?"... I also disagree about nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is far greener than burning coal or damming rivers. Sure, there's the waste issue... although that can also be reduced with present technology. I believe France has lots of nuclear power plants which reuse the waste, thus ending up with a lot less waste than before. And like with all the other forms of alternative energy sources, the waste issue can be totally solved if only people were to invest the time and money to come up with a solution.
2008-03-23 02:47:36
Green energy does not include burning coal or damming rivers or nuclear energy. Many forms of green energy include wind, geothermal as in Iceland or New Zealand, tidal energy like those in New Brunswick, and solar.
2008-03-23 02:25:02
I'm confused... so you're implying that because the wind mill is ... obstructing the view of the mountains, that means that it's not green energy??? Uh... right. So I guess you'd rather have a giant coal power plant releasing tons and tons of black smoke which contribute to acid rain, global warming, the acidification of the oceans, smog, etc?