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Old Comments:

2010-03-19 09:30:42
Oops, sorry for the typing error... :(
2010-03-19 09:29:49
Thge comment about the miner's lettuce Connie, is the second last comment, under 'Frontierer'. Dandelion is supposed to be very good in helping to put up with ailments, so my herb books tell me...
2010-03-19 08:32:31
I went to the site, and I still see the writing Green Clover Hill...nothing else. When I was a kid, we used to have clover in our yard. My Mom would add it to our salad - sort of like watercress. We also ate the dandelion leaves when they first popped up. But, when the flowers come up, the leaves are more bitter and stringy. My Mom made dandelion wine...adding some fruit to it.
2010-03-19 08:17:53
So that person from Flickr was right in saying that this is Miner's Lettuce. Thanks for getting the info for us about this plant, Poppy. Looked it up on Google images and it's an interesting looking plant.
2010-03-19 08:12:55
In saying weeds, I'm talking about your normal run of the mill weeds, like sow thistle, dandelion, capeweed, poa grass, chickweed, white clover.. those types of weeds. I know that any plant could be a weed, and some that people call weeds, I don't call weeds, like oxalis for one. I think that plant is very pretty, but some of that can get very invasive too.
2010-03-19 01:40:10
These are the leaves of Claytonia perfoliata, known as Miner's lettuce, Winter Purslane, Spring Beauty, or Indian lettuce. When it blooms, the small pink or white flowers have five petals 2-6 mm long; they appear from February to May or June, and are grouped 5-40 together above a pair of leaves that are united together around the stem to appear as one circular leaf. The common name Miner's lettuce refers to its use by California gold rush miners who ate it to get their vitamin C to prevent scurvy. It can be eaten as a leaf vegetable. Most commonly it is eaten raw in salads, but it is not quite as delicate as other lettuce. Sometimes it is boiled like spinach, which it resembles in taste.
2010-03-19 00:47:49
The term "weed" is somewhat situational, and refers, in general usage, simply to an unwanted plant. In a field of wheat, a sunflower is a weed. In a rose garden, wheat is a weed. In nature undisturbed by humans, there are no weeds.
2010-03-18 20:16:25
You may well be right, FBO....
2010-03-18 16:59:49
I think that is watercress
2010-03-18 14:35:17
I agree, Jujuba... :)
2010-03-18 14:29:10
Itīs such a pretty place, doesnīt matter if itīs clovers or not...
2010-03-18 13:52:06
It says on the photographer's page in Flickr, that one person thinks it maybe Miner's lettuce. I'm not too sure about what it could be myself except to say that it looks an awful lot like weeds to me. Hard to tell what the plant is without the flowers to help identify it...
2010-03-18 13:26:25
I wonder why they named the hill Green Clover. So, what is the name of the plants in the photo?
2010-03-18 08:21:16
The plants in this photo are not even related to clover.