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Old Comments:

2009-12-10 14:27:04
You're welcome, Gabrielle. Anything is possible for the future. They may even bring out bean cars, carrot cars and fish and chip cars, whatever takes their fancy. That'll be something to see.. :)
2009-12-10 13:44:45
Thank you PictureGirl - all well worth a look. Perhaps BirdsEye should go into car production - can't you just imagine lots of little green pea cars rolling around our cities and country side? I certainly can.
2009-12-10 11:56:08
Info about pea car...
2009-12-10 10:24:22
The front looks like a scaled down VW microbus and a portion of the back too but the wheels are much smaller. It seems to have a registration number - surely someone knows something about it?
2009-12-09 16:30:34
it certainly is!
2009-12-09 13:01:25
There was no info with this pic - I just thought it was cute
2009-12-09 12:02:39
..have no clue..Chrysler plans to introduce a tiny electric car called the Pea Pod in 2010, but it doesn't look much like this...maybe this was a one-off prototype ?
2009-12-09 11:31:17
More like a green apple. Is it a Mac car? Pleeaase someone tell us its story!!
2009-12-08 16:53:22
Love it!!! What? Where? The "similar" pics are a hoot - Four Birds, Two Horses, Two Venetian Masks and one Lemur sucking its tail! How do "they" choose the so called similar pics?
2009-12-08 07:25:37
Want want want! It's like a tiny green tomato car!