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Old Comments:

2011-07-13 06:55:07
Well, stretched or not, it's funny and my great-niece gets a copy of this photo. She's only 3 1/2 years old - won't know the difference.
2011-07-13 06:36:19
It looks fuzzy/out of focus but very funny
2011-07-13 06:20:22
I have no idea what you are talking about stretcher, or why you think that this photo is stretched. I had my husband examine the photo and read your comment. What he tells me is that the photo is at a resolution of 72 dpi, which is standard for 99+% of photos on Pixdaus or on the Internet. He also tells me that if a photo were to be 'stretched', either by me or somebody else, then the resolution would be less than 72 dpi.
2011-07-12 06:19:02
Funny picture, but don't stretch your pics so much that they get fuzzy