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Old Comments:

2008-09-29 01:36:00
Well Lilly I suppose you are expected to slog through thousands of pages of the most popular, recently commented and newly added pics every time before daring to add another one.
2008-09-29 00:12:52
Farhad: why don't you begin with counting your own duplicates before commenting on someone else's? Duplicates happen to ALL of us.
2008-09-28 23:56:05
If people don't tag their photo's , how is one suppose to know it's been posted before .I looked in the tags for this picture . that's why i'm so repetitive .
2008-09-28 18:27:19
lilly : why repetitious ?
2008-09-28 12:40:09
Lilly, this photo was posted a couple of weeks ago. But, it's still nice to see...I think.