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Old Comments:

2010-07-12 15:43:03
If I have such a big ego, why did I stick around posting for two years, when my uploads started to get down voted a lot shortly after I started? Or, why did I post so many 'themes' knowing that they get really low votes? You seem to have trouble problem-solving - thinking in a broader sense...taking all factors into account. You're not the brightest two-comment wonder troll, are you. You don't even have the courage to comment using your regular username
2010-07-12 14:55:06
In your case, apparently, it certainly is mostly about ego. Yours is bloated beyond all measure.
2010-07-12 13:46:54
I do not need my ego fed nor do I need to be stroked. That is an absolutely bizarre comment! Do you really think that my ego is so fragile that it gets bruised if someone downvotes a photographer's work that I found on the Internet? I'm not the's not my work that gets downvoted, you twit. Are you discussing your ego or mine? Really good photographers on the Internet have been getting their work downvoted because of 'Connie' for two years now. Noel Kerns, for example, should not have his photos downvoted so much - some even to oblivion, just because someone does not like 'Connie'. It's an embarassment for them with their colleagues, and I will not contribute to that. I am not hiding by using the name 'Connie' anymore than the others are. We all have usernames because it's safer on cyberspace. That is a very stupid comment to make. I have been the most upfront person on this site...with information and photos of myself. Why would I want to change my "I" can get more votes? In order to not getting found as 'Connie, I would have to post different types of photos, and be careful how I write my comments to not give myself away. You are very silly and naive if you think this site is all about contributing to beauty and interest. It's mostly about ego...getting huge amounts of votes and lovely compliments....going so far as cheating and downvoting the user NOT THE PHOTO to achieve a high ranking. Check photo sites, then you tell me this is one of them.
2010-07-12 12:08:00
That's ridiculous. You're "hiding" now..unless your name is really Connie. Are you here to feed your ego or to contribute beauty and interest to this site? Does "Connie" have to be stroked with positive votes for posting to be worthwhile ?
2010-07-12 10:50:59
Thanks for the suggestion IL, but I would rather not post again than 'hide' under another name. I would feel cowardly.
2010-07-12 04:07:30
Why not just change your name ? It's just a made-up name anyway, it isn't really 'your' name. You could become Francine , Bo Peep, Ignatzio Lalapalooza or Frederick of Hollywood. There are bazillions of names you could use to post.
2010-07-12 03:37:08
You think 13 is a lot of positive votes? It simply went from 6 or 7 to 13. Noel Kerns has just requested two of his photos to be deleted. He didn't mention the other ones I also posted. I am embarassed on his behalf that his talented work got such low votes - I posted them months ago. That may be the reason why he asked for them to be deleted. It's an insult to the photographer not to me because it does not require talent nor creativity on my part to find photos on the Internet and post them here. For two years, my uploads repeatedly get downvoted, many to oblivion, including many of the photos that won awards. That is not because of the photographers' work but because it's a vote against me. I don't want to put the name 'Connie' along with the photo I post; that would not be fair to the photographers. So, once I have posted the photos still remaining in my folder, I will stop posting.
2010-07-11 17:39:05
The photographer submits a comment and asks for the photo to be removed from Pixdaus and all at once it receives a lot of positive votes!
2010-07-11 05:27:52
Dear Noel (same name as my uncle ;-) The benefit of having your photos posted on Pixdaus is that they get a wider audience. Apparently Pixdaus gets a lot of viewers. But, I respect your right to have your photos removed from Pixdaus. Unfortunately, I can't do that; you will have to ask Pixdaus to do it. I had a hard time choosing which of your photos to posts on Pixdaus; they are all fabulous. The mood you create with lights requires a great deal of talent. Each one of your photos creates memories and and certain moods. For instance, this photo reminded me of an old equipment (gestetner) I used when I first started to work in the 1960s (it was old even then), and how much I liked my job and the wonderful friends I made there.
2010-07-10 17:46:22
Thank you Connie for the kind comments regarding my work, but I wasn't asked about having it blogged here at Pixadus, and I don't like these kind of wholesale clearinghouse photo sites like this. To that end, please remove any of my images which you have posted on here. For those interested in my work, you can follow my latest offerings here: or visit my website: Thanks, Noel
2010-02-25 09:59:19
I meant to say obscene or vulgar.
2010-02-25 09:56:58
Thanks COY.
2010-02-25 08:47:38
Thank you Connie for the info on this wonderful Photographer. I like a lot of his work. As to why some people vote good work down is a mistery to me. I have commented on a couple of occasions before that I do not vote anyone's posting down unless it is just really obsence.I do not like down-voting. If I do not like it I leave it alone. You are correct Connie. about someone or a few people voting your postings down as soon as you post them. You mentioned that fact some time ago and I have been watching your postings ever since then. No matter how good your postings are (and many are great) as soon as they are posted they get down-voted. I have seen you post several consecutively and all will be down-voted instantly...Keep posting Connie. I like most all of your postings.
2010-02-25 07:07:57
All the Noel Kerns photos I have posted get -1 to lower. Whoever does that are not offending me, but they are offending a great photographer. Noel Kerns is a whiz when it comes to creating different moods to his night photography. He has provided the following background of himself: I'm a Dallas-based photographer specializing in capturing Texas’ ghost towns, decommissioned military installations, and industrial abandonments at night. My background is in large-format, black & white photography, which has proven to be a perfect launching pad into the art of photographing our world in darkness. Night photography is for me an interesting and addictive dichotomy; the purity and natural beauty of photographing under a bright, full moon, and at the opposite end of the spectrum, the creativity and power of the virtual blank canvas that is laid before me as I "light paint" an interior scene. One of the things I enjoy most about photographing under a full moon are all the latent details, those things which reveal themselves to you only when you take the time to let the moonlight tell the story. I love the general sense of calm and tranquility in a peaceful night scene, as well as the eerie feeling one can get when looking at a decaying old ghost town under a full moon. Light-painting is all about vision, or more specifically, "pre-vision", the ability to imagine the scene and lighting you want to create in the darkness, and to execute it in such a way as to match or surpass that imagination. The execution itself is an exercise in patience and control, imagination and experimentation, all the while drawing on your experience from previous shots to recreate your vision. To me, it's fascinating. So two entirely different kinds of images, but both born of the same desire to express the emotions and feelings one gets when exploring these old, forgotten places.
2010-02-25 06:58:52
...and I'm quite sure you are right because on some of Noel Kern's other photos, he indicated the locations as Baker Hotel.
2010-02-25 06:56:59
Thanks for the info ;-)
2010-02-25 06:21:16
There's a pretty good chance this is located in the old Baker Hotel, once a fashionable resort and health spa, now abandoned and reputedly haunted. It is Mineral Wells' primary ( maybe only ) claim to fame. Enter the name in your search engine and you'll get a good many hits that you might find interesting if you believe in ghosts and haints and spooks and such.
2010-02-25 05:40:29
I am not Noel Kerns. The photographer did not indicate where in Mineral Wells the equipment is in.
2010-02-25 05:22:37
Did you make the photograph yourself? Wat kind of building was it standing for it??