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Old Comments:

2008-12-29 08:38:57
Hey Delaney_55! My question was, if artmani is you (and not if you are artmani)! ;-) The pic is nice! I like the contrast of light and colors in it! If this pic is a duplicate doesn't matter! You are right, here a too much pic to control! The first comment by "ok" was written by artmani. He (or she) has a big mental problem and write comments under other users names (and also upload pics under other users names!) But you can always check it by clicking on the name! Don't stop uploading! Good pics are always welcome! (And yours are REALLY good!) Cheers!
2008-12-29 08:21:13
No I am not artmani I am me, Delaney and I have no clue why some of you all are so at each others throats. If this was posted before, sorry but there are a heck of a lot of pics here so it happens.
2008-12-27 17:42:55
So, are you Delaney_55, artmani? Cause I vote positive for this pic!
2008-12-27 17:33:01
Acclamation OK (one click here = 3 Negative VOTES) Dishonest Dishonest Dishonest Dishonest Dishonest
2008-12-27 17:11:55
artmani, you have a serious problem! Now you wrote comments under my name so that you can answer on it... You are so absurd!
2008-12-27 16:56:09
You are addicted psychological OK