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Old Comments:

2009-06-16 05:53:33
"a breast man" ??? Not likely, fact, this troll is not any kind of man at real man would make insulting comments about women while hidiing behind the shield of anonymity..only the most abject gutless chickenshit cowardly puddle-of-puke cocksucker would do that....which is, of course, exactly what this bottom-feeding slime-bag troll is...sad, really..he was probably rejected by his mother..and we all know why..
2009-06-16 05:27:07
WOW, what a great body you ave cunnie and thank you poopy for introducing her to us. As said before I am a breast man, what a great pair, and those puffy nipples, wow, and your aereolaes, I could fondle them all day and night long. poopy, you gave us great shots of her pussy and ass too, the only thing missing is seeing those feet and toes. May you come back many more times with that hot body!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-06-16 03:56:10
Venice no place like it in the world!
2009-01-13 07:28:35
The Gran Caffee is in Chioggia, Venice. The view, of the gondolas at Piazza San Marco, is from inside the colonnade at twilight.