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Old Comments:

2008-04-13 03:12:26
Its a clash of civilizations, and none of you understand the background of it whether or not you think you do, If all the countries involved were to pull out and actually leave it to the Israelis and Palestinians then I say let them go at it until one side wins totally like what used to happen all the time before we all got to damn PC and said that no one in the world could fight. Rockets hit Israel every day and everyday a Palestinian dies from something. We dont live there so but out.... the sides are evenly matched with out foriegn aid being sent to the everyday.
2008-03-18 05:13:14
Kevin is a cock finagler u son of a bitch. Maybe u should get ur head out of ur fat ass and realize that everyone in there cant be a murderer u fuckin cock. Wouldnt u kill someone who tries to kill u?
2008-03-01 05:08:41
It's equally sad to feel so justified in ones' need to build such a wall, whether it helps or not.
2008-02-19 10:09:44
true kevin! very true..
2008-02-19 01:53:15
It's always a good idea to vote down uneducated idiots to let them know they're wrong.
2008-02-17 17:11:37
It must be sad to live behind the walls.
2008-02-17 16:29:49
It's always a good idea to keep homicidal beasts walled off from civilization.
2008-02-17 10:32:18
You are correct. He's done stuff like this all over the world.
2008-02-17 08:01:07
I think this is by an amazing graffiti artist who goes simply by "Bansky." Really phenomenal work.