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Old Comments:

2009-03-18 01:25:20
Hi fuzzy - I posted only a few photos under the username Diane, and they are still here.
2009-03-17 21:22:04
Are your Diane pics still here? Were there a lot of them? I don't think I've ever seen anything posted by Diane. Wish they had some kind of poster index here.
2009-03-17 15:44:39
Diane, that's right; I just could not remember the name but I recall your comment. ;-)
2009-03-17 05:16:51
Come to think of it, I might not have voted at that time.
2009-03-17 04:44:22
Yes, before Connie I was Diane. I don't know if you remember me writing that I had logged out, then I couldn't get back on. Prior to April 2008, I went through all the photos, read the comments and voted for a couple of months.
2009-03-17 04:08:49
I have been on Pixdaus longer than that. First, I just made comments for a few months. - Didn't you first post under another name?
2009-03-17 03:49:59
I thought you had been on Pixdaus for longer than that. I started posting in April 2008, I think. So, this photo is your 'coming-out' one ;-) Actually, you're 2nd one.
2009-03-16 19:02:28
In answer to your question: Yep.
2009-03-16 18:04:12
I did search under hyena and flamingo, then hyena flamingo. Nothing came up. I did not have the photographer's name, so will add it to the tag. I think that the tag search system works most times, but not 100%. Are you saying that this is the second photo you posted on pixdaus, which was in June 2008?
2009-03-16 16:31:48
Here's more proof to you that the tag search system does not work. This was the second pic poppy posted on pixdaus (June 2008), and it does not come up in the tag search under hyena or flamingo, although I had both words in my tags. Perhaps the system can only deal with a certain number of pics, and the older ones are excluded? - The pic is by Vadim Onishchenko.