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Old Comments:

2010-12-05 10:15:12
Please don't apologize about reposting, Coy. I'm not worried about the repost in the slightest. Why I commented before and put the link there to my post was that it's because the picture you posted is a rotated picture. The road looks good no matter which way it's going. I believe you too that you did a big search. But that isn't why I spoke to you. Reposts don't bother me anymore. Thanks Coy... :)
2010-12-05 01:02:41
PictureGirl,, I really, really did a search for this photo. I spent more time searching for this photo than any that I have posted. I searched for Both Fall and Autumn under all the following TAGS,,Drive, Driveway, Lane, Path, Walk, Scenic, Landscape and 1,400 photos of Autumn. Plus ,tineye. The link that you gave me sure brought it up and it was tagged under "Autumn Road", But if one dose a search under Autumn Road it will not bring it up. The link had posted by Mary. I remember that you had commented at one time that you use to post under "Mary".I guess that at one time or another you posted it. Sorry PictureGirl, but It was not to be found under a search now. Pixdaus must have have dropped some of them. Believe me I really made a good search. I see that it is rotated from the other, but I did not do that. you can always do that in PAINT, but I did not. The photo that I found was a BITMAP image and I had to convert it into a Jpeg image to post it on this site.
2010-12-04 10:14:28
Your post is much clearer and sharper too... :)
2010-12-04 10:12:25
Hi Coy, That's the same picture as this, but the other way round. Still, it's a very beautiful photo and I have put your post into my favourites... :)