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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-07-03 10:18:49
I have seen something like this at the carnival. You throw a coin and if it lands in one of the cups you win a prize. Sometimes ping pong balls are used instead of coins. But those prizes are usually gold fish.
2008-06-20 10:33:15
Hmmmm, someone here is a bit defensive. Bet not one of those headcoverings were bought retail.
2008-05-04 17:58:43
Move those JEWS away from this site
2008-03-25 19:57:30
Everybody was suffering in wwII. But only the jews got money for it. That's the true.
2008-03-24 14:52:40
All jews must be killed. Hitler was right in his approach but sadly didn't manage because of his stupid war-mongering. - Better luck next time. It's already brewing again in Germany.
2008-03-24 07:10:08
Aw, you guys are really threatened by a few Orthodox Jews, aren't you? That's so cute! Don't worry, they won't hurt you. Really, I even know a couple of them personally, and you know what? It's a myth that the Jews steal and eat your children! The Jews didn't kill Christ, either, it was the Romans that ordered and carried out Jesus' execution. The Jews don't run the world, the holocaust DID happen, and the lot of you are just a bunch of ignorant, racist tools. If I were a truly vindictive soul, I'd wish that karmic reincarnation would be mandatory, so that each of you could spend your next six million plus lives experiencing first hand just how horrible was the suffering of European Jews during the second world war.
2008-03-24 06:39:32
no, MONEY is their god
2008-03-23 22:11:00
And the bad smell?! They do not take shower.
2008-03-23 19:35:38
A picture of morons...
2008-03-23 19:21:24
Satan is their god. This is proven by their actions throughout history. The horrors they have inflicted upon the Palestinian people and the land of Palestine, and continue to do so, is but one token of their Satanic expertise.
2008-03-23 10:40:45
God loves those with dead animals on their heads more than those without.