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Old Comments:

2009-10-08 15:42:15
Hi skip and poppy, thank you for the comments!
2009-10-08 10:41:01
Of the complexities of Nature how can one explain Who can tell of the workings of the amphibian's brain Why he often does sing in the wind and the rain His song more like a croak in the watery drain A frog's just a frog as many do say Those who dismiss Nature in their arrogant way Our connection to Nature they do seem to miss But I envy them their ignorance since ignorance is bliss About Nature as me as much they do know I have lived many Seasons but with little to show In knowledge of Nature others I lag behind But an expert on Nature perhaps one could not find A frog's just a frog you will hear many say But frogs are so complex in their secretive way. Francis Duggan
2009-10-08 09:19:10
What a cute little frog, almost missed him, great pic Danis!