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Old Comments:

2010-05-19 08:37:07
: )
2010-05-19 07:57:16
RU Really Leaving? Boohoo RU, we're losing you, I just don't know what we will do When you sail off into the blue. But somehow the doughty Pixdaus crew Will carry on as they always do And see things through. People come to Pixdaus Land Enjoy themselves and find it grand. They post some photos, some are good, But folks don't respond as they think they should. It's like they expect congratulations A bouquet of roses and a standing ovation Wreaths and confetti and adoration But few really merit such adulation. Some, if their egos aren't very tough May even come to feel rebuffed And some may get their feathers ruffed... And if that happens often enough... They leave in a huff ! Nogden Ash
2010-05-18 10:51:26
I am very sorry that you feel that way, Ru. I will be sorry to see you go. Many thanks for your great posts. I hope that you can come back when Pixdaus finally brings in the new platform. I wish you well for the future. Please take care.... Mary (PictureGirl).... :)
2010-05-18 10:49:00
Perhaps many Pixdaus users might benefit from a marriage counselor. However, for me, I am out of here. I was waiting to see if the announced new format might solve some of the problems here. But, I feel that I have waited long enough! Pixdaus is not a very friendly place at all and I feel that my time would be better spent elsewhere.