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Old Comments:

2009-08-06 23:28:33
Oh, I see. But I don't think I'm brave, stupid is right word. :) Never mind, I'll get a lot of votes(-). That will help me to get to the top list mush faster. Keep posting poppy, you have my support.
2009-08-06 21:27:18
Yes, the MegaCheaterDownvoter is busy once again. Not only does he/she/it downvote my pics, the comments of those who pay compliments about my pics are also downvoted.... And now that you have offered sympathy for my predicament, your pics might suffer - that's just how sick he/she/it is. Thanks for your concern, Peasant, you're brave! ;-)
2009-08-06 19:43:37
I just saw your last pictures and I'm shocked with the ratings!
2009-08-06 18:06:29
Tnx poppy.
2009-08-05 04:14:26
Best gondola pic I've seen!