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2009-07-29 00:52:01
The author said: "I was finally able to get outside after a string of rainy days. Sadly, the sunset was a bust as a set of clouds moved in right as the sun begain going down. But I was able to capture an interesting shot of the seagulls flying about next to Ivarís on Pier 54 of the Seattle waterfront. The folks that you can see over in the right portion of the screen kept throwing bits of cracker and the birds were flying about in a rather manic frenzy... as if those little crumbs were last on Earth. Iím glad I brought my Nikon D700 out today with the extended battery pack so I could capture the motion at 8fps. donít think the folks trying to eat a peaceful meal of fish Ďn chips appreciated my ďratatat tatĒ machine gun sounds that came from my camera however :) This was my favorite of the bunch as one seagull passed right in front of the sun. Though colorful, this is not an HDR. Other than standard post processing (levels, curves, contrast), I adjusted the white balance and then applied a warming filter in Photoshop."