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Old Comments:

2008-04-18 05:01:55
Oh yeah, lovely ladies, come to papa...!
2008-04-11 03:34:27
gfvuj ! I think YOU need to be beaten in your head with a stick.
2008-04-10 23:51:42
these Romanian women have to follow the exact same dress code or the police beat them with sticks.
2008-04-10 23:29:40
I apologize to all those who are offended. It was merely an attempt at levity and not intended to upset anyone.
2008-04-10 20:05:42
2008-04-10 18:55:07
I know, but most people here have never heard of Székelyföld, so I thought it better to start from the far end. ;)
2008-04-10 17:24:51
This is Transsylvania, Romania, I think in Csik region, maybe... These gates are NOT tipical romania, they are tipical sekler gates. (Székelykapuk, barátom :-)
2008-04-10 14:59:21
More stupid today than usual. What I really meant to say "No, it's Kazakhstan"
2008-04-10 13:55:37
These gates are tipical of Romania.
2008-04-10 13:49:22
Prawie jak atak moherów :)
2008-04-10 06:59:32
Nah..this is definately Europe..if it was the US they'd all be wearing shorts,sweat pants and blue jeans...
2008-04-10 06:14:01
brian you are always so stupid or just today. adebisi nice pictures i'm from Romania too.:)
2008-04-10 05:02:18
Is that the USA or is there another place with fat chicks? ;)