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Old Comments:

2008-03-30 23:36:21
Vacuous? Vacuous? HA!!! look who's talking, buddy. All you did was make a couple of assertions about my reply and used "big workds" in a pathetic attempt to feign the air of knowledge without actually supporting any of your claims or addressing any of the points I made. Your reply completely lacked ANY substance whatsoever. Do you seriously think you can get away with simply calling your opponent names without backing up your claims? If you really think everyone here is THAT stupid, you are only making a fool of yourself. Why not USE your supposed degree in logic? you might as well go play with yourself, for all the effect your comments are having. You could only hurt your cause and your own image by coming here and making such pathetic attempts to defend your position and/or discredit mine.
2008-03-30 13:10:19
A passionate but vacuous humanist rant of non-sequiturs and self-apparent internal contradictions. It never fails to mystify me how the secular-humanist call for logic fails so fully to account for its own illogical claims to knowledge and truth - putting always the cart of effect before the horse of causation.
2008-03-30 12:52:34
Well, you'll have to excuse me if I don't fall for your blatant appeal to authority and don't believe a word you say about your supposed qualifications. Even if it's true, your complete lack of knowledge about what evolution is was made abundantly clear when you implied that volcanic eruptions had anything to do with evolution (or that time is a sort of energy when you said "energy of time"). As for god having a part of the volcanic eruption because god created reality- Well then, you admit that what you are saying IS exactly as blatantly ridiculous (admittedly you don't think it is ridiculous, but you have to admit that it is equally valid) as saying that an apple falling from a tree is a result of "intelligent falling". As for the beyond lame cop out about free will... completely disregarding the fact that god created humans and therefore BY YOUR OWN LOGIC anything they do is the full responsibility of god-- Ok, maybe people building a house near a volcano is a stupid idea. However, it is IMPOSSIBLE to go anywhere on earth that is free from any diseases, parasites, and natural disasters. So unless you expect people to magically go to some parallel universe without any natural disasters and such, that makes god fully responsible for all the deaths of the millions of innocent people who have died slow and horrible deaths as a result of what you say are god's creation.
2008-03-30 12:22:28
As a post-doctorate research fellow in biophysics and adjunct lecturer in logic, Ifm fairly qualified to pick apart your knee-jerk reaction to ummagummafs title for the volcano shot. Implicit in your vent is the idea that God had no part in the volcano because the eruption is totally natural. Whilst the eruption is natural, you fail to see rather ironically that God had created the very reality you enjoy beholding. You also implicitly wish to palm off on God the Creator responsibility for all of the uninformed and short-sighted free choices that man makes in, say, building a community on the slopes of an active volcano.
2008-03-30 09:30:17
Are you talking about the volcano picture? because that picture has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with evolution. Why don't you first lean what evolution IS before opening your mouth (figuratively speaking) and making a complete fool of yourself? Heck, if you think that volcanic eruptions are due to anything besides natural processes, you also seriously need to go back to school and learn about geology, physics, and astronomy. Saying that volcanoes are a result of anything besides natural processes is as blatantly ridiculous and wrong as saying that an apple falling from a tree is a result of "intelligent falling".
2008-03-30 09:17:02
What a gorgeous and spectacular display of the utterly meaningless energy of time, chance and gravity. Can't say enough positive things about the purposeless creativity of evolution. Yeah.
2008-03-30 06:41:38
I have had more than enough of your christian and intolerant comments ummagumma. Get a life! I will not stop speaking out against intolerance and stupidity until both are gone, so don't hold your breath... or... wait... DO hold your breath. LOL
2008-03-30 06:38:15
I have had enough of your atheistic and agnostic comments Bob. Get a life! I will not comment on anymore of your rebuffs.
2008-03-30 06:35:26
Yet another example of christian hypocrisy and self-contradiction. Dare to say that something good (such as the origin of life or it's subsequent evolution) is natural, and you are accused of taking god out of the picture and spitting on his face. However, just try saying that god has any responsibility should a volcano happen to kill people or should a tsunami destroy whole villages, and christians automatically say that god had nothing to do with it because they are natural events. Apparently god is only responsible for the GOOD natural phenomena, but gets a free pass for all the horrible, disgusting, and cruel events that happen daily in the world.