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Old Comments:

2009-04-24 14:15:50
I forgot to add that I don't remember seeing that photo. When I go to 'Recently commented', I see photos I hadn't seen before. Yet, I can tell by the comments that the photos were recently uploaded. Is it possible that we get on different streams sometimes?
2009-04-24 14:13:23
I see what you mean - it was previously posted albeit a much smaller photo ;-) However, the tag on it said 'mouth full of bubbles'. That's a useless tag. The main part of the photo is the dog, yet there is no mention of the word dog under the tags or as a caption. When I did my search I used: dog bubbles, dog jump, then dog bubbles jump. Nothing came up.
2009-04-24 13:40:59
But if you only typed "soap" only six pics would show up. Go ahead and click on my tag "bubbles" and you'll see twenty one pics, and two of them are duplicates.
2009-04-24 13:30:37
I never knew that - thanks AB. Another dumb question - Why would you need to click on the tags? When I do a search I just type ie dog bubbles or dog jump. If nothing shows up, I type dog jump soap bubbles. If nothing, then I post it. I would never do a search on just ie dog, cat bird...I would have to go through 100s of photo.
2009-04-24 13:17:13
The commas are used only to separate each word when downloading the picture. They will not be visible. When you move your pointer [cursor, mouse] over your tag the whole sentence will change color. When you move the mouse over my tags each individual word will change color as the mouse passes over.
2009-04-24 13:07:07
I don't get it...I don't see any commas on the tag.
2009-04-24 11:52:46
Yes. Now when somebody else does a search to see if a pic has been posted already it will be easier for them to find. Also it will be easier to find similar pics. Like click on the new tag soap.
2009-04-24 05:05:07
I just noticed that someone added to my tag by repeating the same words. Did you try to add by adding commas?
2009-04-24 05:03:33
I do my tags the way I do my search, except I start off with just a couple of words (ie dog jump or dog bubbles) and then add etc. I would never search just under 'dog'; there would be 100s. Well, I was sure you were conservative, but not absolutely positive about born again christian. I've never met or came across one. I'm not even sure what it means. But, I have heard/read that there are a lot in the States, and have a lot of political power. My question was to tease to keep your fightin' and toutin' and ready to take on Patito when he comes back ;-)
2009-04-23 20:46:49
Pixdaus Computer Tip #137: Commas between each tag word. dog, jumping, soap, bubbles This will make it easier to search for pics that have already been posted, The comma will separate each word so they can be searched for individually. Nobody will ever search for [dog jumping soap bubbles] all at once. Everybody will search for [dog] and then your picture would show up. The answer to your earlier question Yes. I thought it would have been obvious.