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Old Comments:

2010-08-27 08:38:24
Thanks you very much. It means a great deal to me when people like my goat photos since I take most of them myself. It all began when I had a mystical encounter with a goat on a ranch in California while I was on an LSD trip back in the 1960s' Ever since then I've been completely obsessed by the wooly little critters and have dedicated my life to traveling the world taking photos of them in all the habitats and environments in which they are to be found, both natural and domestic. In so doing I have endured great hardship, grave danger, extereme deprivation and yes, even ridicule by those who are too insensitive to understand my passion. And yet it has all been worthwhile because my portfolio now contains over 15,000 photographs of goats and I intend to post each and every one of them here on Pixdaus ! ( heh heh..just kidding about that last part )
2010-08-27 02:31:45
Good capture Goat Getter.. These guys have little if any fear..