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Posted By:^jorge^

Old Comments:

2009-04-07 02:50:48
It has Washington DC plates on it. This is obviously after obama and the democrats took over GM.
2008-05-19 17:38:31
I've got a '29 Chevy too! Great car and pretty much all original.
2008-05-19 09:43:26
My mother still likes me.
2008-05-19 05:45:56
Be happy that someone does.
2008-05-19 05:44:02
This was an accident. Look at the right front fender, it is damaged. The force of the hit from that angle caused the driver's side front to collapse. If you look closely you can see where the mounting hub has been bend under from the impact. Man, am I good or what - I like me so much.
2008-05-19 02:39:29
I actually have a 29 Chevy , the wheels are more then 75 years old and still work great.
2008-05-19 00:52:56
Actually, it's a Chevrolet, which ironically bought majority shares in GM. The culprit in this photo is merely the wooden wheels, likely from hitting something. Granted, GM's no wonderous company, but the tag, and the first comment, are off-base.
2008-05-19 00:28:42
Good to know that they've maintained the same level of quality products over the years.